Live Air Purifying Plants for Bedroom

The best way to make your room lively is to adorn your room with plants. Some people are not very enthusiastic about keeping plants inside their room because it emits carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide at night. But the amount of carbon dioxide emitted at night is very less and it is not harmful in any way to humans. The one thing which we have to wary about is carbon monoxide because it is dodgy for humans.  There are some plants which actually benefit you if you sleep with them because they emit oxygen. 

The Sansevieria plant ( snake plant): This is the safest plant for your bedroom. It doesn't need much light and even converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. 

Aloe vera: Not only does this plant do wonders for your health and skin. But It also benzene and formaldehyde from the air. In case you run out of your lotion/cream supplies, you have bedside gel. 

Spider Plant:  They can really add spunk to your room. They remove toxins from the air which will make your room more toxin free. 

Areca palms: If you want the whole tropical boho vibe, areca plant is best suited for you. Not only does it removes toxins but can also be a great decor piece for your room. 

Philodendron: It’s really a cool option for your room because you can style as a canopy/hanging. It has air purifying qualities and can also be a great showpiece for your room. The leaves are heart-shaped which you give all the right  reasons to gift your loved one .

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