ombre yellow syngonium mini

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Syngonium is also known as Arrowhead Plants, or Nepthyt, make excellent indoor plants. Syngonium have leaves that are almost white, green & white, and various shades of pink or burgundy. Due to arrow shape of the leaves it called arrowhead. Cut the long runners and growth tips of plants and you can use them on tables or stand them on the floor. When left untrimmed, Arrowhead Houseplants make beautiful hanging plants. Syngonium Plant with green leaves can live in low to medium light and other varieties with white, pink, or burgundy leaves need medium to high light.

Product Specification:



Plant Name - Syngonium Mini

Material – Ceramic              

Height - 3 inch

Diameter – 5.2 inch

Color - Green

Height – 4.8 inch

Base of Plant - Cocopeat

Color - Yellow

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